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Sandi's Blog


Forces at work

Posted on September 3, 2014 at 6:38 PM Comments comments (166)

I am struck at how doing the right thing seems to be such a struggle to some.
There seems to be a real resistance. I wonder why?  We are to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do!

It seems to be that we have three forces to deal with in this life: our will/flesh, the negative/demonic, and the positive/God influence.  Our problem is to chose the influence we want to be under, to have control over our life.
I have been able to observe the negative of each and the positive of each.
With the will/flesh, emotions rule supreme. It is quite amazing to hear how many people say they are not emotional and yet the decisions they make in  their life, for the majority, shows they were made on emotions. Some choices made in emotional decisions seem to pan out but it is a risk. Emotions change and then we are stuck with that decision. In the light of day, we would have most likely not made that decision. This is the key: do not make any decisions or choices while in an emotional state! Breathe, take a minute and look at the choices available. You may see something better.
The negative/demonic are is one most prefer to ignore. Even the world recognizes the demonic with all the paranormal programs and books offered.
Why does the Christian world want to ignore it all?  This is a strong and deceptive force and it is foolish to look at our world and not be able to sense that there is a dangerous, negative, and demonic force at work. This force
force causes terrible tragedies, disruption, deception, and pain. Christ has given us power and authority over this force, and the wisdom and discernment to sense it (Luke 10:19). The world calls this intuition. Use it. If it 'feels' wrong or unsafe it very likely is.
The Positive/God force is the Name and the Blood of Jesus as well as the force of the Holy Spirit alive and well and working in, through, and for us.  We must allow this as Christians. This force means only good for us and for our lives. This force will give you power to overcome the demonic and the flesh. This force instills in us the wisdom and discernment we need to live on this earth. This force will reveal to us whether the demonic, our flesh, or the Holy Spirit is working. Satan hates to be exposed and will try every deception possible. He is a real enemy and is dangerous.
Which force are you walking along with? Which force has control over your life? Realize that each of these forces must  have your permission to work in and through you! Decide today!
Helpful Scriptures:
Joshua 24:15  
2 Corinthians 6:1-2
Romans 2: 15, 10:9-13
- Pastor Sandi